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Homesite Fence and Stonework, LLC offers three different fencing options: cedar wood fencing, vinyl fencing and metal fencing. We design professionally installed custom and privacy fencing, as well as picket fencing. We use a variety of different mediums for all of your fencing needs. If you are looking for that white picket fence you have been dreaming about or need to bring your pool to code with fence, there are many options available for safety and privacy!

Cedar Wood is a natural deterrent for insects and is resistant to rotting and decay. Therefore, it requires no chemical treatment which makes it environmentally friendly! We use cedar wood in many types of fence applications. The distinct aging quality and weathering over time is a desirable silver/gray, making it a good choice for your yard, pool, farm, or garden.

Vinyl Fencing comes in a variety of different grades and sizes. We offer only the best quality vinyl fencing in New Jersey that is installed without exposed screws or brackets.

Metal Fencing is most popularly used for pool code enclosures and fencing around your home. Metal fencing can also be used for gardens, children, dogs, perimeter security, etc. It is available in four standard grades 1. Residential 2. Residential Wide 3. Commercial 4. Industrial. They come in a variety of styles sizes and colors and differ in the number and size of the pickets.

One of the leading benefits to metal fencing is that it is nearly indestructible. Aluminum, one of the most common metal type fences, is less chemically vulnerable to corrosion than iron, so they simply do not rust as easily as their iron counterparts. It’s often cited that aluminum may take over 10,000 years to totally disintegrate!

Aluminum fences are lightweight, which can be helpful when replacing panels of your aluminum fence. Aluminum fencing also costs much less than traditional wrought iron. Because it’s harder to scale than wood and can’t be easily cut like chain link, aluminum fence is also much more secure than other fencing choices.


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